"We hope to provide a friendly, comfortable place for you to connect with God and with other believers to walk with in this journey. Our goal as a church family is that you feel welcomed and get connected. Our ultimate goal is that you become the man or woman that God created you to be. And that your family is strengthened by being a part of community of believers."

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1.  What do I Wear?

Casuat. At IC Medan, we are not formal. We want you to be relaxed, grab a cup of coffee and just spend time with God.

2. How long is the Service?

We offer 5 services, which are at 09.00am/ 10.30am/ 12.00pm/ 01.30pm/ 05.00pm. Each service is about one and a half hour. Afterwards, you can hang out and make new friends in the lobby.

3. What about My Kids?

We offer kids services for children ages 1-11. The Kids Material is based on trusted church resources  and it is so fun to learn! Your child will have fun, make new friends and learn how God wants us to live.

IC Babies (Ages 1-2), IC Junior (Ages 2-5), IC Kids (Ages 6-11)

Kids services are available on the first 4 services.

Currently for teens in SMP or SMA, we are offering "IC Bold & Brave" as a life group, which be available during the life group seasons. News will be updated regularly on the website.

4. What if my English is not perfect?

Come and check us out anyway! We guarantee not only your English will improve from week to week, but also your life will improve as you grow closer and closer to God.

5. Are you going to ask for my money?

As our guest, we won't ask you for anything. As a matter of fact, we have a gift for you.

Though we will have a time for IC Medan Members to give their tithes and offerings, you are not expected to give anything. Just relax and enjoy.

6. If I do love my IC Medan experience (which we believe you will), How do I get more involved? What are my NEXT STEPS?

There are three important things that are at the core of IC Medan:

Water Baptism - We practice baptism by immersion in water, which is the way the Bible describes.

Life Groups - Home groups that meet around the city. These LGs meet during three semesters. This is where you will connect and become family with each other. Information for LGs is provided at the Welcome Center and also at the website.

Growth Track - We offer Growth Track every other month. This will help you to equip yourself, learn more about the church and to be a part of our Dream Team. To learn more, go to our NEXT STEPS information.